Scoliosis Symptoms: Recognition Saves Time

Medical Science is dependent on the art of observation, compounded with scientific deduction and rounded off with proper testing and subsequent treatment. It is here that the observation part becomes immensely important. The basis of any treatment of a disease is the basic idea that the treatment is sought. Hence, the people must have noticed some sort of anomaly in the normal functioning of the human body to come up with the possibility of a disease. It is the observation of such anomaly, which determines as to whether the disease can be treated or whether the time for treatment is beyond possibility due to late realization. Scoliosis is a disease that causes the same dilemma where people need to observe any Scoliosis Symptoms within themselves or their loved ones so as to actually be able to come forward with the problem to a doctor.
Scoliosis, for the record, is a disease, which causes a slight curvature in the spine at a young age, leading to more problems as the patient grows with the deformity. The disease may be treated with physiotherapy and other non-invasive forms of treatment at some stage and at a later stage surgery provide an option, however beyond a certain amount of time, surgery becomes too risky and one must live with the problem. Hence the observation of Scoliosis Symptoms must be accurate and timely at that.
The following Scoliosis Symptoms should cause enough concern to have someone checked by a doctor.
• Back Pain that is Frequent at a Young Age
• Difference in shoulder blade heights
• Raised or Prominent Hip
• Difference in Rib Cage Heights
• Body Leaning to One Side
• Head not placed above Pelvis linearly
Any of the above-mentioned symptoms should be enough for anyone to get an X-Ray for the afflicted done immediately. The earlier one gets a hold of the problem, the easier the treatment becomes.






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